No Upfront Cost

If you need a fundraiser but don’t want to spend any money to start it, try one of our order taker brochures.  They are easy to handle and require No UPFRONT COSTS! Here is how an order taker brochure works:

  • We send you the FREE brochures with order takers
  • You pass those out to your participants
  • They take orders from their friends and neighbors and collect the money.  The checks should be made payable to your organization
  •  Allow 2 weeks for participants to sell then collect all of the order forms and money
  •  Deposit your money and tally up all of your orders on the order form we will send you
  • After your Master order form is complete, email it to

Click on the items below to learn more about which products work best for each group.  Can’t find your group?  Contact us and we will help you find the product that is just right for your group.

Candles Coffee and Tea
Cookie Dough Frozen Food Combos
Gift Catalog Home Delivery
No Refrigeration Required Nuts
Flowers Snack Food